"My chat-with-you-over-coffee explanation is a way for me to help you find clarity around your goals, support your growth, highlight strengths, ask questions, and always, always, be a positive force to keep you grounded in what’s most important: growing in the direction of your dreams." - Lisa


Curious about working with Lisa?  Here are a few Q and As to get started:

Q: what do you do as a life and wellness coach?

A: A coach is many things - mostly a I view this work as an amazing opportunity to help you maximize your potential in life. Life coaching is distinct from giving advice, consulting, counseling, mentoring and administering therapy. You would hire a coach to help you with specific professional projects, personal goals and transitions. A coach helps you to grow by analyzing your current situation, identifying existing and potential challenges and obstacles you face and devising a custom plan of action designed to help you achieve specific outcomes in your life.

I help clients design more balanced lives of purpose and joy and know that often, we each need support and accountability. My work helps clients with the development of sustainable strategies to bring overall wellness, health, and well-being in their life. I help clients achieve their goals by working with an individual's strengths and values in creating plans for a long-term wellness strategy. Every client is different and every coach is different, so if you’re considering coaching, let’s talk to see if we’re a good fit. Simply complete this short form and I’ll be in touch!

Q. how does this work?

A: We schedule a call roughly once a week, for 30 or 50 minutes, depending on your package.  You’ll have a little bit of homework at first – to get you thinking about where you want to be several weeks and months down the road. Each week, you’ll set smart, attainable goals, and I will send you notes to help keep them fresh in your mind.  Generally, it’s best to commit to 8-12 weeks of coaching, but you will set the pace and I’ll keep you accountable.

Q: What is the cost?

A: The cost of coaching depends on the length of services. The initial call is always complimentary and from there we can discuss which coaching package suits your needs. Generally speaking, packages of 6 months or longer can be paid in installments and packages of six months or less require payment prior to our first session. Small group coaching is also available at a reduced rate and keep an eye out for discounted or complimentary offerings periodically. As a Navy wife and former teacher, I offer discounts to military (active, reserve, retired and caregivers) and teachers - just ask me!

Q: What Kinds of things CAN I cover in coaching?

A: Lots of personal growth topics and issues can be covered in coaching. Many of them center around wellness, nutrition, habits, organization, time management, exercise.  I am neither a therapist nor medical professional. (But if you need someone like that, I keep a list of referrals. )

I can help you prioritize and set goals and walk along aside you as you reach milestones, big and small.

Here are a few goals clients have worked on with me:

  • morning and evening routines

  • setting priorities and managing time

  • eliminating unhealthy food

  • adding more activity into daily and weekly routines

  • sticking to a scheduled diet, health plan

  • positive parenting, skills understanding kids’ behavior and misbehavior

  • mindfulness practice

  • positive mindset, strength and values identification

Q: Are my conversations confidential?

A: My conversations with people about their life and goals go into the VAULT.  Seriously. It’s your business, your story to tell, not mine.  I believe always in supporting people and sharing personal information does not support individuals or relationships.

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