Grounded 2 Grow’s mission is to listen, support, respect, and inspire clients to define priorities, set goals, and live balanced lives of purpose and joy.

I am a master at turning chaos into calm.

In my 25 year journey as a parent, teacher, teacher of teachers and adults, I know life can feel chaotic. I’ve learned ways to embrace the chaos and find moments of calm. I’ve spent years helping busy women and young adults feel more in control of their lives. As the founder of Grounded 2 Grow, I echo the sentiment in a recent Psychology Today article titled “Mothers are Drowning in Stress”  - but I am passionate about providing support and accountability to allow woment to connect, curate and commit to both caring for themselves and others.

My mission is to help women design lives of more purpose and joy. I understand the intersection of work, life and wellness is often a complicated and sticky place.  I believe each of us has the agency and ability to make positive changes to better navigate the demand of life. My work helps women feel grounded in their priorities and choices so that they can be the steady support for others while branching out and growing in ways bring them a sense of joy and purpose.

You can count on me to:

  • Listen with an empathetic and unbiased ear

  • Ask you provocative questions that allow you to think about what matters most

  • Help you set goals, see your strengths, identify supports, and set small promises that lead you to those goals 

  • Develop micro-practices that bring you peace and purpose throughout your busy day

  • Affirm that your efforts matter and that your work and life can be a reflection of your values and goals

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Parenting & Education

Keeping it real, loving, thriving, goal setting and tips from the intersection of parenting and education.

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Inspired & Cleaner Living

Practices, people, places, things or whatever else inspires me.

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Life’s Purpose

Helping to bring clarity to priorites and personal strengths to define the whys and hows of your life.



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