Positivity & Presence (2 50-minute sessions + recordings)

Positivity & Presence (2 50-minute sessions + recordings)


Need some guidance to identify your strengths and affirm what’s working well?

Have you been pondering how mindfulness can help you identify strengths and remain calm during the mayhem of daily life? 

This two-call package enables you to discover your strengths and identify best experiences from which you can draw upon during challenging times.  You’ll learn micro-practices to get (and keep!) you in a positive, more present place, as well as participate in two guided meditation sessions. 

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Privacy/Confidentiality Policy:

Our discussions are held in confidence and are never shared with others. Your personal information will always be protected and does not fall under the guidelines of "Privileged" for legal purposes. Therefore, information shared can never be legally requested, as is the case with therapists, clergy, and attorneys.