Accountability Partners (4 consecutive weeks, 20 minute calls)

Accountability Partners (4 consecutive weeks, 20 minute calls)


Do you feel like you’re spinning plates and juggling? Perhaps even feeling like you’re dropping the proverbial ball or plate? If you’re looking to get a little more structure and organization to your life, but don’t have a lot of time?  

This partnership will help you keep everything in the air, figure out what you can set down, and hold you accountable to your short term goals. This is an ideal package for busy parents or anyone looking to focus on strengths, goals and small steps in a condensed four week session. Many clients find this is a way to test the waters deeper coaching work.

You’ll get four weekly calls* where we’ll dig into what is most important to you and set manageable goals and small promises to yourself . These are steps that get you on the path to bigger goals and let’s you regain some control over what’s most important. You’ll begin to deepen your roots so that you can branch out to help others - rather than hyper focusing on others and depleting yourself!

*calls are typically 20 minutes and scheduled for Sundays, 6-8 pm or Mondays, 6-8 am.

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Privacy/Confidentiality Policy:

Our discussions are held in confidence and are never shared with others. Your personal information will always be protected and does not fall under the guidelines of "Privileged" for legal purposes. Therefore, information shared can never be legally requested, as is the case with therapists, clergy, and attorneys.