I spent more than two decades teaching students of all ages – preschoolers through teachers and yogis.  I love to teach and I love to learn, and I’m at my best when I can juggle several projects (and admittedly I do drop things, but those transitions and bumps are where I learn best!).  I  craved flexibility in my schedule, and I wanted to be sure my work let me serve others.  When the third person in my family of four were diagnosed with autoimmune issues, I knew eating well and working out was no longer enough. I began to think about environmental factors, remembering that a group of alumnae from my college were a part of a start-up called Beautycounter, and I jumped on board as a client then as a consultant.

I’m not a salesperson.  I’m a teacher, a learner, a writer, a friend.  My work with Beautycounter lets me educate others, and constantly learn more about health and safety. It lets me share our mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone by sharing with friends and clients. It reminds me that small steps make a difference, and that as with most things in life, it is about progress, not perfection.  What's more, I get to work with an incredible tribe of women and men - most of whom have "other" full or part time jobs, who do this work with Beautycounter because it gives us each a chance to have significant social impact while earning an income.  Curious about the business opportunity? Message me...I'd love to answer your questions!

Beautycounter made sense to me for so many reasons – high quality and high performing skin care and cosmetics that are safer than what is typically available in the U.S.  My Beautycounter business allows me to run my own business, on my schedule, with my people. It lets me teach and learn and serve.

Performance made safer from a California-based company. Our small choices made powerful by a network of consultants who collaborate to counter the beauty and personal care industry to make change happen. Someday, our kids and families will have safer products and better health and wellness. We’re about making someday today.  We are beauty on a mission.  We are not a beauty company, but a company that is on a mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone.

Want to know more? Let’s chat about safety, our products, the incredible business opportunity to join our team.  Just email me to start the conversation.


Did you know:

  • U.S. companies do not have to disclose what goes into products.

  • The U.S. currently bans roughly 30 ingredients.

  • The EU bans roughly 1400.

  • Beautycounter has identified nearly 1500 potentially toxic or unsafe ingredients we’ll never use. Read them on our Never List.

Be Fearless.

Set your goals.

Be supported.

If you think we’re simply selling lipstick, you’re not paying attention.

Lend your voice.

Join our mission to get cleaner products in the hands of everyone.

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