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Progress, Not Perfection

Plastic Free July 

Did you hear about this movement? Did you try to eliminate single-use plastic last month? Plastic Free July seemed to be all the rage as we rolled into summer. Like so many things, I thought this would be an easy thing to do. I consider myself pretty enlightened on this topic and pretty aware of reusing as much as I can.

  • I carry my reusable bags, 

  • I tote my bamboo silverware.

  • I carry a wondrous glass straw and a collection of stainless ones.

  • I recycle and repurpose boxes and containers as best I can.

I figured I could DEFINITELY go all month without single-use plastic.

As the first week unfolded, I realized there are so many times single-use plastic makes its way into my life. It’s more than refusing the bag or the straw.  The plastic tabs on food containers, plastic tags on clothes, plant and garden containers.  Some of the are harder to avoid, but eliminating the obvious ones simply meant keeping reusable water bottles, utensils and shopping bags handy was easy-peasy. I definitley did not nail plastic free July, but I made progress.

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Girl, Clean Up Your Products

I’m a big Rachel Hollis fan and recommend her book, Girl Wash Your Face to so many friend and followers. But girl, before you wash your face have you ever thought about what you’re putting on it.

Probably not.

And you probably think it’s safe. (Or you’re too busy to even consider the quesiton…)

If you know me IRL or online, you know this is an issue I don’t stay quiet about. Of course, it is NOT all safe. One of the hats I wear while I a doing all the other things in life is CLEAN BEAUTY ADVOCATE. Sure, I’d love you to buy Beautycounter products, but what I’d really LOVE is for you to do two things. Two simple things that will keep you and your family safer.

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Why I Care About Personal Care Products (and Why You Should, Too!)

As a former classroom teacher and teacher of teachers and yogis, I never thought of myself as a salesperson. A few years back I read Dan Pink’s book “To Sell is Human” where I learned we’re all selling something - an idea, our brand, our work, our love. Pink points out that teachers routinely work to persuade students to ask questions, process ideas, change behavior, and to move. Essentially, “educators are sellers of ideas.” Truth.

I now have people scratching their head and asking me, WHY am I consultant with Beautycounter and what the heck am I selling? I am continuing to sell - ideas. My primary goal in this work is to amplify Beautycounter’s mission to get safer products in the hands of everyone. That involves selling the idea that we need to bew scrutinizing and selecting safer products. (Of course, I’d love to sell your products if that’s what you’re looking for -that’s in part, how I earn my income). Companies and the FDA are not in the business of taking a critical look at the safety of products and transparency in labeling.

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