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Sunshine On My Shoulders, Makes Me Happy

I love, love, love sunshine on my shoulders. Or my feet. Or my face. Anywhere.

But often what we love too much, becomes - or is - harmful.

I’m often on my soap box about sunscreen. Mostly because I’ve had horrendous habits over the years and it’s only in my 50s that I’e started behaving like an adult, at least as far as being in the sun goes.

  • Last spring, I bought a hat. That’s huge for me. I don’t like hats, but they cover parts of your head and neck that are easily missed by sunscreen.

  • I wear SPF 20 on my face as a minimum every single day.

  • I own several shirts with SPF in the fabric.

  • I ditched all my expired sunscreens (after getting burned, literally!) and now we all have mineral sunscreen with a high percentage of zinc.

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