On being intentional and shedding shadow comforts

One thing  I've learned through my meditation and writing is that teaching for over two decades has prepared me to coach.  It's been a challenge to maintain faith that my beautiful and often crooked path has been tremendous experience and learning - and to celebrate that even when it tries to wear me down!  This work has formed a tapestry that allows me to share a new body of work that includes wellness and life coaching, educating others about cleaner and safer personal care products, promoting well-being and some time to get some deep writing accomplished.

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Throughout my coach training, it was hard not to give in to what my friend Jen Louden calls “shadow comforts."   

You know, the "stuff" we do when we are hiding from what is truly important, what we deeply desire or what is the work we are meant to do.  We hide in the mindless things that give us comfort but keep us from being our best or giving it our best. We all engage in this behavior sometimes, or even often, it's the stuff makes us human.  It’s classic avoidance behavior, which we often attempt to neutralize our true work under the heading of sooo BUSY…”